Mistress Sirena Professional Dominatrix

My Rules

There are NO sexual services. Please do not embarrass yourself and insult Me by asking and follow my rules.

  • Safe word’s will be given to all newcomer’s,unless you are a seasoned player or I decide otherwise,safety is paramount in my arena.
  • I expect cleanliness at all times.
  • I am the Mistress and you must adopt the proper tone with me and not top from the bottom.
  • I do not like lateness
  • You must always be on your best behaviour If you’re running late or can not  keep your appointment contact me in advance and alternative arrangements may be possible.
  • I do not provide sex or any sexual services so do not embarrass yourself by asking.
  • Rules in my arena are not to be broken unless its I who breaks them Please note
  • BDSM activities and professional domination between consenting adults is not illegal, a little different, but not illegal.

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